Fraser Day and Night Care Centre is a 100% black female owned nursery school established in 2013.


Primary objectives


  • To promote early learning childhood development
  • Caring for children from 3 months to 6 years old
  • Providing children with a safe and secured environment
  • Provide learners with development skills and prepare them for school
  • Reduce child abuse by keeping children safe until their parents/guardians are available


Secondary objectives


  • Having a school garden
  • Having a soup kitchen
  • Engage with other schools


Rules and regulations


  1. The child shall be brought into this centre
  2. The child shall be fetched punctually from this centre
  3. Fees must be paid on time in this centre; before the 7th of every month
  4. Children are received from 06h00 until 18h00
  5. Children are fetched at 18h00
  6. After care costs R30.00
  7. All children must go on educational and fundraising trips
  8. In the case that a parent does not want his/her child to go on a trip, he/she will have to pay the due expected fees as the arrangements are made for all children in the centre
  9. Please notify us if your child will not be attending for any reason
  10. If there is a change of address, phone or employment inform us immediately